Saturday, June 20, 2009

The eve of fathers day. A tribute

Well there isn't  much to say about what has been going on in our lives.  We are still debating wether or not to find out the sex.  Well I think most people know that I really want to know but my lovely wife doesn't.  She keeps saying "this is the biggest surprise of our lives." I reply with "I HATE SURPRISES."   

Well on this eve of Father's Day I find myself looking into the depths of my heart and soul thinking am I ready for it?  The only answer I can find for this monstrous question is to look at those in my life that show me what being a father really is.

First and foremost is my dad.  He is always been there for me when I really needed him.  Always giving me encouragement when I needed it the most.  Some times that encouragement comes via others but it does get to me.  My dad has always been a man that I could admire and hope to one day be like.   He is an amazing husband who has put up with my mom for soo many years and has helped raise 3 kids who are now having kids of their own.  I think that as that question keeps coming up especially since this is the first Father's Day that seems more important in some way even though I am not technically a dad yet I know that if I can be half the man that my father is I know I will be a great dad.  The older I get the more I realize that my dad has been far more influential  in the community that I grew up in.  He is not only a Physicians Assistant, treating this coughs and sniffles, but he has helped far more people than I know.  

My Fathers in law

Well I have two a father-in-law and a step-father-in-law.  That is a total mouthful.  I wish my one who moved to California was much closer than he is.  I think he is a wonderful man who will introduce my child to everything from sailing to motorcycles.  He is going to be an amazing grandfather.  I wish he was closer to be able to be more involved with our child because I value him more than I think I tell him.  All the mechanical things that I wish I could do I know he can do.  I know that he will be back in a couple of years and I can't wait for that day to come for both me and my wife but also for the little one growing inside her.  I know that I look up to all the fathers I have in my life for my own special reasons.  

The step-father-in-law

He is a man of few words and far more emotions than I think people give him credit for.  I think the news of us having a baby has been amazing news.  I think he is totally stoked to be around for all the subtle nuances of being a granddad.  We always overhear him telling others about what is going on in our lives totally proud of my wife and what we are doing in our lives.  He is totally too cool for getting older but he has to face it that he is a granddad now and that means he is getting a little older.  He will always be cool grandpa and I know that our child will look up to for all the reasons that I do.  Always calm under pressure and never afraid to walk away.  things that sometimes I wish I could do but can't because of the Irish Blood.  

As this father's day approaches I know that I am ready for this monstrous task that has been given me simply by taking pieces of those that I look up to and making them my own.  If I can take a little bit of each I know I will be ok.  No matter what the circumstances may be I know I only have to look to those fathers that are in my life for the example and I know I will make the right decision.  

Thanks to those fathers in my life.  As I make this big step don't worry I will be calling for advice!

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