Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry to those who are waiting for a new post! Here it is!

Well things in this house have been kinda crazy for the past 4 weeks.  In that time we have cleaned out a closet and rearranged it more times than I can count.  My mom bought us a crib that we found through a friend.  It is kinda weird I think buying a crib so early on in the development but I guess it was a good price so that is my wife super thrifty.  Things have been progressing nicely as far as the pregnancy is concerned.  Lindsay is starting to show the cutest little baby bump.  She has been having a little trouble sleeping the past couple of weeks but she sees it as prep for sleep deprivation.   My sleep has only been interrupted by the crazy schedule I have been trying to maintain.  

We just went through graduation at JT so with that I bought a new camera which takes amazing pictures.  Those pictures will make this whole experience just that more memorable.  

While we are talking about crazy lets talk about mood swings......

We have some funny or scary stories depending on your prospective.  Well it all started when I picked her up from work and she mentioned that she fell asleep at work.  Well that isn't so bad I thought.  Until she said on the bathroom floor.  

Example 2: we were getting up from bed getting ready to go to work.  Lindsay decided to throw a sheet over her head.  In the process she knocked off the cover on the ceiling fan.  Well this started a fit of laughter from both myself and Lindsay.  Then it went south form that point on.  All I know is that she started to both laugh and cry... AT THE SAME TIME.  Who does that and what am I supposed to do keep laughing.  There needs to be a how to guild that tells fathers-to-be know what to do in these messed up situations.  

Example 3:  We had just gotten home from work or being out I can't remember but Lindsay ran in the house while continuing to have a discussion.  I came in and continued to discuss while she went to the bathroom.  While talking all I know is that I looked over my shoulder and say her crying while on the toilet.  When I got concerned and asked what was wrong, the reply was "I don't know".  What the heck does that mean if she doesn't know then who the heck does.  Come on how is a guy supposed to react.  I didn't know wether to laugh or cry and apparently neither did she.  

Well I think that is all for now.  Hopefully I will keep you all posted with posts more frequently.  

Sunday, May 3, 2009

After Appointment Epiphanies

Well we went to our first PRENATAL VISIT.  Oh yeah we did..... what we go every 4 weeks then every week?????   This seems super crazy but i guess it is necessary.  Well we walked into our first appointment and sat down and our midwife seemed surprised to see us.  She started off by saying that she thought we seemed pretty pro home birth (and to be honest we were) and asked us why we chose her.  If it had been me to answer I would have said something to the effect of "well we really thought it over and felt stronger to to deliver with you."  But I wasn't the one who answered.  My wife did.  What was her answer you ask.  "it came down to the financials"  As these words came out of my beautiful pregnant wife I got to watch as the woman, who will be providing all the care for my unborn child, shrug her shoulders.  What a total bummer for her.  What my wife didn't verbalize is that we liked both midwives equally and it seemed easier for us to deal with out choice because of the insurance issue.  I will have to explain.  

Well the visit went really well. The was peeing in a cup...... guys never have to do that it seems.  We go to hear the heart beat which was totally awesome.  I have been reading that this point is when "it sinks in."  I find myself really confused about this notion.  It seems that guys have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that there is human child growing in the loved ones uterus.  I have never been able to detach myself from this notion at all.  Ever since we found out I have seen the changes in my wife.  It has been a constant reality for me that we are creating life.  I never understand how guys can look beyond the obvious and realize that without some kind of proof.  I must say it was a little reassuring to hear the heart beat to know things were ok and that my wife wasn't going crazy but I kinda knew it was really  happening.  

Maybe things are different because I am totally excited about this whole adventure.  I am reminded of a famous opening " the final frontier these are the voyages of the star ship [baby] it mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no[parents] have gone before."  Lets be honest.  This is totally new territory for us both and we trying to take in stride.  This are going to be out of control for some time. Well at least until it can fit in one of those child leashes.  I just thank God for being able have the blessing of raising a child.  Also for having a wife that lets be honest is willing to throw all control of her body to the wind and chance.  I can't imagine what that must feel like.  We have both been really lucky that her only issues have been mainly with exhaustion.  She can eat everyday and has had no nausea issues so far.  Lets just pray that they don't materialize.