Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is one of those infamous belly shots that you see all over. Here is Linds with chipper standing at attention. We keep on getting asked if we think we are ready and more often if chip is ready. Well we all know that you can never be ready. Chip on the other hand, he is going to be the best dog that anyone could have asked for when having a kid.

Well my best friend was up for a visit for the weekend. It is way to short but I guess that is one of the reasons that we have decided to stay so close to home. I can't wait for her to come home and see my kid, which is kinda weird to say. Well weird to say my kid that is. I am finding myself going through the nesting thing which is kinda weird. I have been inspired to refloor the upstairs and install laminate flooring. The whole upstairs no longer has carpet and I am so happy about that. We have put together the baby room and set up the crib which is kinda weird but we have to do it now because harvest is coming and things could be short if we wait. I have been going crazy trying to paint but this time is different. Usually I get frustrated by find myself wanting to make everything perfect. Doing the cutting work was so easy and not frustrating at all.

Things have been crazy around our house this summer it seem like April was only two weeks ago. I find myself dreaming more nd more about the baby which is kind of weird for me. I think it is something that has been on my mind more and more each day. When I think that we only have a couple of more weeks left like less than ten. It seems like I can't wait and yet it seems too soon. It is a hard thing to describe being totally excited yet scared out of your mind.
I thank God that we have a totally awesome support network around here. We have tons of friends who have kids that are totally amazing and have given us tons of stuff and ideas and have encouraged us so much. We also have a great family that are willing to take time out of their day to come and help. My parents have been here twice to help me clean, lay laminate, and organize the plethora of baby stuff. We are so blessed by the people at church and our family. Thanks to those who have given us so much.